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Our Installation Process

Professional Installation Process

Our installation process includes:

  • Excavation of upwards 18″ using a backhoe or mini ex
  • Install geotextile for soil-stone separation
  • Place approx 4″ granular “B” material…wet and compact
  • Place approx 4″ granular “A” material…wet and compact using a vibratory plate compactor &”Jumping Jack”
  • Place an additional 4″ granular “A”…wet and compact
  • Place one more layer approx 2″ granular “A”…wet and compact
  • Place approx 1″ stone dust for final grade
  • Lay desired pavers
  • Install snap edge restraint on perimeter of pavers to lock pavers
  • Sand all joints of pavers using polymer sand
  • Compact all pavers to fill in joint with polymer sand using a vibratory compactor
  • Finally, we will “mist” all pavers with water to ensure polymer adhesion… We do this process twice.

You are now ready to enjoy your new interlock surface!